"She doesn't want anyone worrying for her. She has said, 'If one more person asks how I'm doing in a sympathetic tone, I will scream!'"

These are the words from a friend of Elin, Tiger Woods' wife, describing how she copes with her recent heartbreak. The words are sited from the article: Tiger Woods' wife removes sunglasses, reveals puffy eyes, which also reveals that Elin has lost 10 pounds and has turned to homeopathic remedies to fall asleep.

She makes a good choice by getting professional homeopathic help in order to cope with her life situation at the moment. Fortunately this seems to be and increasing trend in the US these days. But what can a homeopathic remedy offer this woman, and which homeopathic remedy would be the right one for her? For the sake of exploring homeopathic case taking, we'll have a look at how a simplified analyzes would look like.

The symptoms available to us are the following:
1. She doesn't want anyone worrying for her.
2. She has puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.
3. She has trouble falling asleep.
4. She has lost 10 pounds after the heartbreak.
5. She is closed off and doesn't attend regular tennis games.

We can match these symptoms with homeopathic description of conditions:
1. Mind, consolation aggravates / Mind, grief, ailments from grief
2. Eye swollen / Face, sunken
3. Sleep, sleeplessness, grief, from
4. Generalities, emaciation
5. Mind, company, aversion to / Mind, conversation aggravates

These homeopathic symptoms leads us to various homeopathic remedies, and after carefully analyzing the symptoms, the most likely remedy Elin would need in her situation right now is Ignatia - a remedy which also happens to be remedy number one for heartbreaks.

Ignatia is often given when the structure of a person's life breaks down - this can be emotionally or physically. It is used as a remedy for silent grief, ailments from bad news and after suffering from disappointments. Some physical symptoms indicating this remedy are: perspiration in the face, lump in the troat, sighing, paroxysm of cough without signs of illness and back spasms after grief.