Broken or sprained ribs are known to cause a great deal of pain. It is a common injury on the sports field and many has also suffered broken ribs due to fall on the ice this winter. A broken rib can be hard to cope with, especially since every small movement cause pain; even the slightest breath provokes pain and causes great suffering.

Homeopathic remedies are commonly used for first aid treatment. They are known to have an instant effect on acute injuries and ailments, and are often the first choice of treatment among professional athletes.

If you have been diagnosed with a fractured or sprained rib, I would recommend you to take a look at the healing benefits of the following homeopathic medicines:

ARNICA. Our main first aid remedy for injuries of any sorts, including almost any type of sports injuries. If you should choose to purchase one homeopathic medicine for self treatment, choose Arnica. Test it out on a bleeding that has been caused by any kind of injury. As the bleeding normally will halt (or, at least, dramatically diminish) within the minute after taking the remedy, you will be convinced of the effect of Homeopathic medicine.

BRYONIA. Often used specific when suffering a broken rib. People needing this remedy, will barely be able to move because of the pain - a symptom which is specific in the diagnosis of a broken or sprained rib. The patients will often keep the upper part of their body completely still and support the chest with their hands, so that the movement from the breathing will not provoke too much pain.

SYMPHYTUM. This is a most useful homeopathic medicine for healing fractures. The remedy is made of the comfrey plant, which is widely known under the name Knitbone. It is a remedy that help mend tissue together when it has been torn apart. Due to its effective healing properties, you need to be sure that the bone is in its right place before you start taking this remedy. Wait for a confirmation from the x-ray pictures, and then start the homeopathic treatment with Symphytum.

Broken ribs usually heal in 6 to 10 weeks, but with the help of homeopathic treatment we often see that the period of healing is up to two weeks shorter. Older people having to deal with a broken rib must be careful to also put the attention on their breath. They need to learn from a physician or a physiotherapist how to breathe properly, so that they can prevent developing pneumonia during the time of recovery.

Always contact your professional Homeopath to know which potencies of the correctly chosen remedy will suit your constitutional type.

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