"We know how deeply emotionally ill people suffer. They may be very nice people, yet they suffer from a difficult internal struggle. At a certain moment, a syphilitic person might kill.

It is known that some people who take certain antidepressants develop the inclination to kill other people. These are syphilitic individuals. The antidepressant touches their syphilitic miasm, not by curing it but by suppressing their syphilitic depression. When their symptoms re-emerge more strongly after suppression, these individuals may feel that they have to kill somebody. Nothing will quiet the syphilitic heritage except homeopathy.."

"The foundation of the chronic miasms in the practice of homeopathy" by Henny Heudens-Mast is amongst my favorite books on homeopathic literature. Her knowledge and experience in the classical homeopathic philosophy and treatment inspires students and fellow homeopaths to reach her level of insight and inspiration in their daily challenges to find the simillimum for their patients.

Henny describes the general tendencies and energy of the chronic miasms as follows:

PSORA: *The idea of too little. *Deficiency. *Weakness. *Slow reaction. *Slow growth. *Low energy. *Poor assimilation.
SYPHILIS: *The idea of destruction. *Perversion. *Deformation. *Hidden reactions. *Hidden growth. *Mostly normal energy.
SYCOSIS: *The idea of too much. *Excess. *Sudden reaction. *Overreaction. *Rapid growth. * High energy.
TUBERCULAR: *The idea of travel. *Change. *High energy in bursts - then worn out. *Elements of psora, syphilis, and sycosis.
CANCER: *The idea of perfectionism. * Extreme sensitivity. *Suppression. *Energy a little up and down. *Elements of psora, syphilis, sycosis, and tuberculosis.

I strongly recommend the reading!