ACONITE is useful in the early stages of colds, fevers and inflammations. It suits healthy people whose complaints come on suddenly. Possible causes are cold/dry wind, as well as fright/shock.

The symptoms are characterized by extreme restlessness and fear. The patient may have an unfounded fear of death. The skin is dry and hot. Symptoms are usually worse in the evening/around midnight. Thirst for cold drinks. May say everything tastes bitter, except from water. The patients condition is better from fresh air, and is getting worse from touch.

In the acute conditions, there is a rapidly developing inflammations of almost any organ system. In severe acute conditions the fear may be intense, however in minor conditions the fear may be entirely absent. The infection and inflammation in Aconite rarely extends to the purulent stage of the disease.

In addition to being the no.1 remedy for nipping colds in the bud, it is also a main remedy for early stages of croup.

* * *
The no.1 remedy series is inspired by the Helios basic guide to homeopathy for the basic remedy kit.