This evening I read a comment on one of the Fibromyalgia groups on facebook which I have to address here, not only to still my own flow of thoughts - but to potentially give something to this group of people, suffering a condition where little help is offered by conventional medicine.

Fibromyalgia, also known as soft tissue rheumatism,non-articular rheumatism and fibrositis, is a condition that affects tendons, muscles and ligaments. It is a very common disease that gives rise to a widespread pain in all joints that connect the bones. Fibromyalgia sufferers are therefore subject to regular chronic fatigue and sleep trouble as a result of swelling of joints and tissues or pain . These people are so much affected by this condition so the researchers in the medical community have searched for the cause of this problem but have not found the source of the problem.

This woman's request for help and understanding were as followed (freely translated into English): "Anyone else which suffers from "sleepy" hands at night? It hurts so much that I wake up from it. Then it disappear for a little while, but as soon as I fall asleep again, so do my hands. It hurts tremendously..."

After this statement I couldn't help myself but to analyze this symptom more closely in my homeopathic analyzing tool - the book synthesis.

The main symptom would in homeopathic terms be defined as:
Extremities - numbness - hands - night

And the homeopathic remedies which possibly could help in this conditions are listed as:
agar, ambr, ars-i, bry, carb-v, ham, kali-n, lyc, mag-m, merc-pr-r, pall, prot, sep, sil, vanil

If we consider more the pain symptom, there are various example of that as well, in our "little red book" - with of course additional remedies (not listed here):
Extremities - pain - hands - paralyzed, as if
Extremities - pain - hands - night
Extremities - pain - hands - asleep, falling

And I could go on and on and on with the differentiations of certain pains, but I believe I made my point clear.

The remedies noted above are by no means remedies which the patients themselves should investigate and "try out". It is meant as an example and an encouragement that there might be treatments "out there" that can have a positive influence on their condition.. Homeopaths never subscribe a remedy only from one symptom; the whole physical, emotional and mental history of the patient needs to be taken into consideration before the correct medicine, the patients' constitutional remedy, can be found.

To read more about homeopathic treatment, check out one of my first posts on this blog here..

* * *
A colleague of mine and I will launch a full treatment plan for fibromyalgia patients in a couple of weeks. People living in the Oslo area are welcome to participate! Its a program in which we have a special discount on all treatments (its homeopathic treatment combined with eastern medicinal treatments).

If you need more information on this treatment program, you are welcome to contact us at post@inspirerthverdag.no.