Homeopathic treatment works excellent as a first aid treatment, and it is unfortunate that not more people around the world know about this effective natural medicine.

Just the other day when I was pouring hot water into my cup of tea, I somehow managed to pour some of it on my hand as well, causing a burn to appear within seconds. Unfortunately I didn't have my homeopathic first aid remedy kit with me at the time, so I couldn't prevent the skin to slowly create small watery blisters at the location of the burn.

Burns and scalding of the skin may come from different sources, such as the sun, hot liquids, electrical units, radiation or chemical sources.

The degrees of burn are defined as follows: A First degree burn damages the outer skin layer, causing redness and a feeling of heat and pain. A Second degree burn damages more than the upper layer of the skin. It extends into the dermis. In addition to redness and pain, blisters and vesicles will form. A Third degree burn damages both the upper and lower layer in the skin, as well as nerve endings which results in pain that initially are followed by numbness.

It is important to seek medical supervision in cases of severe burns. For self treatment and/or treatment at the local homeopaths office there are various homeopathic remedies that comes in question after burns and scalds of the skin.

My first choice of homeopathic remedy for burns is Cantharis. Cantharis is a remedy made of the spanish fly. Its effects are characterized by a violent and aggressive action on the tissues. Among many other useful undertakings of this remedy, it relives the severe pain following a burn and promotes the healing process of the skin.

As a first aid treatment take Cantharis C30 every half hour the first 3 hours after the burn. This will lessen the tendency of the skin to form blisters, and the burning pain will decrease at once after taking the remedy.

Following the homeopathic principles (like cures like), you should also avoid cooling down the burned area - but rather try to keep it near a warm source (as near as possible without causing too much pain). This is of course related to burns of less severity. For the sever type of burns, always contact the emergency unit at your local hospital.