"Dare to know

That the source of all miracles

Lies within you.”

This is how Amy Lansky introduces the reader to her book ‘Impossible cure: The promise of homeopathy‘. As I start reading it, I soon realize that this is the message that she wishes to share with the reader throughout the whole book. In these three lines lies the essence of the book as well as the essence of the therapeutic discipline she is introducing us to, namely homeopathy.

Amy Lansky used to work as a computer scientist. However, an incident in her family life made her change her professional path. This incident was her son being diagnosed with Autism, followed by a miraculous cure due to homeopathic treatment. As a result of this experience, Lansky left the field of Computer Science to study and write about Homeopathy.

Amy Lansky shares with the reader the true cure of her son. In addition she unfolds the history, philosophy and science of homeopathy. In a clear and subtle way she explains the reader what he or she needs to know to get a total picture of what Homeopathy is, how it is used and what can be expected from homeopathic treatment. More examples of cured cases are used to underline various topics throughout the book.

In the chapter: “What Is Disease? What Is Cure?” important facts comes to debate, most of which has to do with the importance of trusting our own immune system in fighting disease:

“Our bodies have built-in mechanisms to maintain balance, even in the face of physical and emotional challenges… We think we need all kinds of props to hold us up… This view is a modern creation, an illusion we have all bough into, largely due to the influence of the powerful medical and advertising industries…Within all of our bodies are mechanisms whose entire purpose is to maintain life, heal our wounds, and achieve balance. All parts of the body are interrelated and working together to create the best possible adaptation to every circumstance… If you artificially suppress a symptom so that it never reappears, you may have the illusion of cure. But in reality, the underlying disease state that is causing that symptom will have to find a different way to express itself.“

Do we dare to change our beliefs about health, disease and cure?

Are we ready to let go of medical truths imprinted in our minds?

If you read this book by Amy Lansky, she will guide you through wonder, disbelief, surprises and hope. Thereafter you will probably be ready to make up your own mind about the miracles that lies within us and the promise of homeopathy.