In Norway we are surrounded by beautiful nature. As a country we have all the money we need and more, and we are fortunate enough to live in peace. Does this make us happy? Are we happy?

We, the people living in industrialized countries, have every possibility to make our dreams come true and lead happy, inspired lives. We have food and water, education, safe surroundings.. We are born, as all human beings, spirited and open minded. Unfortunately that doesn’t last for long.

We grow up longing to fulfill our goals and dreams, unaware of how society and the people around us eventually will challenge those very thoughts. The funny thing is, that when it finally happens, we don’t resist this with more strength.

Why do we so easily ignore our inner feelings, why do we start to act more from our mind than from our heart. Where is the logic? Is it because we are scared to follow our instincts, do we not dare?

One way or the other we will meet hinders on our lifepath, but this always happens for a reason. It forces us to question our actions. It guides us to learn and become aware of what we are doing - it encourages us to rethink our situation and motives. And this is how we are growing.

So, the next question arise. Are we aware? Do we influence our life in the way we wish to?

Are we striving for a higher purpose, or do we just follow the mainstream of opinions and actions in a constant effort of being accepted by people in our surroundings?

 To be true to ourselves, to remember what we wished for as children, we need to be aware and evolve our conciousness. As Paulo Coelho so nicely puts it: ”If we listen to the voice of the child, who lives inside our soul, our eyes will shine again”.

How about taking a step back, or forward as you please.. Rediscover what matters in life, focus on the good things, the quality stuff. Live a more simple, healthy and ethical life. Be aware, reach your potential and make your dreams come true..

Awareness, wisdom & happiness.  

Essential to life.                                                                                       

True Values.