Arnica Montana is a much used homeopathic acute remedy for sports injuries. It is the remedy most often considered by professional homeopaths whenever an injury occur.

Arnica works wonders both in acute and chronic complaints, but only when indicated. Symptoms successfully treated with Arnica includes: Bruising (also after surgery), shock, sprains and acute exertion. Anyone actively involved in sports and exercise should know about Arnica. Regardless of causation, Arnica is able to reduce bleeding and the following inflammatory symptoms like swelling and reduction of muscle tissue. When given frequently directly after injury, it will reduce tissue damage.

Arnica helps to stop bleeding from open wounds immediately. This remedy is also useful in cases of fatigue for athletes competing in endurance sports. It can be used before a competition to help delaying the manifestation of the fatigue.

Arnica may be able to speed up the recovery process and may also prevent complications following a serious head injury. It is given in addition to medical emergency aid immediately after an unconscious patient has awakened. As a general rule, it should be given after any form of head injury and concussion.