Long seasons and important competitions are part of every day life for a professional athlete. This will increase both the athletes mental and physical stress levels. The chances for an injury will increase when these factors are present. If the treatment of the athlete as a whole is being ignored the risk of a setback is very real.

An imbalance will be created if an athletes mind is focused on a goal but the physical part is not. A part of the available physical energy is drained away and cut off from focus. This leads to fatigue which in turn can lead to injuries because the body is not focused on winning a competition. Only the mental part has this focus. Limitations following an injury may continue to cause trouble if not treated holistically. This will also affect his or hers future achievements.

Homeopathy offers an extraordinary way of treatment in the sense that remedies are chosen based on a persons unique mental and emotional state. A professional homeopath is able to help every athletes fitness levels by finding the remedy most suited for the patients spesific symptoms. This will help the athlete to fulfill thir highest potential in terms of health and performance.

There are few conventional medicines able to assist the healing process in spite of the potential damage and long term symptoms following a sports injury. Pain killers will do just that - reduce pain, non steroid and anti inflammatory drugs reduce inflammations, but apart from those there are few effective medicines available to promote real healing.

Pain killers and NSAID’s work efficiently, but their application is limited and there is a risk of developing side effects. These medicines may also contain substances banned for use in athletes.

A study on how German soccer doctors treat aches and pains was published last year. It reveals that Germany’s faith is in “homeopathic doping”.

The presumably objective study was carried out by an academic institute in Koblenz at the request of a leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines. It found that 92% of doctors who work for the Bundesliga’s first- and second division teams prescribed such cures.

“The success stories are impressive”, said Peter Billingmann, a sports doctor and the head of the institute that carried out the study, in an interview with the Spiegel news magazine. “Homeopathic substances don’t have any side effects, and we’re on the safe side where doping is concerned.” (Source: Deusche Welle).