It's not much fun being an Aurum individual. One of the nicest things about treating Aurum cases is seeing some lightness enter their lives after taking the remedy. Like the gold from which the remedy is made, there is a great heaviness about Aurum, a heaviness that in most cases has been there since early childhood.

When a patient reports that he has been depressed all of his life, think of Aurum. For the Aurum individual, some degree of depression is a normal state of being. They do from time to time enter into deep and seemingly hopeless depressions, but even in between these episodes there is a feeling of a dark cloud continually hanging over them.

The Aurum child grows up sensing that love is only forthcoming from his parents when he does his best to please them. Often the parents were very exacting, expecting the child to excel at school, or at whatever they were good at, or had wanted to be good at but were not.. The Aurum child is extremely sensitive to criticism, since criticism from his parents implies that he has not pleased them, and hence i snot loved by them. In order to avoid the pain of rejection, the child learns to do his best at all times. This produces a seriousness and a lack of spontaneity in tha Aurum child, which usually progresses to feelings of depression and despair even before the child becomes an adult..

Later in life, in their struggle to be somebody important, many Aurums are seduced by wealth, and the influence and respect that it brings. For some Aurums it is enough to be wealthy.. If such a person loses his wealth, he loses all of his self-respect, and this is another potent stimulus for depression in Aurum. Many of the stockbrokers who threw themselves from the top windows of their skyscraping empires during the great Wall Street crash of the Thirties must have been Aurum individuals. It is interesting that potentized gold can bring relief to the sufferings of those who seek refuge in great wealth. Many a reclusive millionaire would do well to exchange a little of their solid gold for its homeopathic equivalent. (From the book: Homeopathic Psychology by Philip M. Bailey, MD)

Key Symptoms indicating an Aurum prescription:
* Serious, successful, intimidating patient with melancholic demeanor.
* Severe depression. Suicidal states.
* Relieved by thought of suicide
* Suicidal impulses by jumping from a height.
* Suicidal from the pains.
* Ailments from grief or disappointed love.
* Ailments after business reversals and humiliation.
* Outbursts of anger.
* Amelioration from music (often classical music). Deep love of music.
* Spiritual inclination and desire for prayer or meditation.
* Fear of failure.
* General amelioration in the evening.
* Pain worse at night.
* Boring headaches at inner angle of the right eye.
* Nasal obstruction and severe sinusitis.
* A main remedy for problems of the testicles and epididymis.
* Moaning in sleep; crying out in sleep.

Causations for the Aurum condition: Mercury, Alcohol, Grief, Fright, Anger, disappointed love, contradiction, reserved displeasure, unusual responsibility, loss of property.