Living in the 21th century gives us all kinds of new technologies to make life easier. But on the other hand, life has become overwhelming, complicated & confusing. Due to these and other factors more & more people are affected by emotional and mental ailments and seek help to find balance in their life. Stress and emotional imbalance can also cause physical illness.

According to to the WHO "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Homeopathy is a holistic approach that takes all of this into account and helps to balance the person as a whole, and these are good reasons why you should consider homeopathic treatment:
1. No harmful side effects.
2. Gentle healing.
3. Individual/Holistic approach.
4. Preventive treatment.
5. Inexpensive.
6. Not tested on animals.
7. Easy to take (children love the little pills).
8. Patient involvement.
9. Invaluable for first aid.
10. The medicine of the future.*

* With over 3000 homeopathic medicines and new remedies being discovered, homeopathy is a growing art of medicine. Unlike conventional medicine, which takes drugs off the market every year as new side-effects are discovered, homeopaths still use the same medicines they were using 200 years ago along with new medicines to broaden their scope.

Scientists are only now discovering breakthroughs in quantum physics which help us develop a deeper understanding of homeopathic medicine.

During World Homeopathic Awareness Week 2010, homeopaths all around the world will be informing the public about the possibilities of homeopathy to restore balance in life. To find out more about the activities and events taking place in your area, please visit

From the WHAW 2010 brochure.