The homeopathic remedy Fluoric acid is often called the Don Juan of our materia medica. The person needing this remedy will be indifferent to those who love and serve him and to any commitments to other people.

Fluoric acid people need their freedom to pursue the opposite sex, and they do not want to stay married. They have an inability to accept responsibility, and are justifying their actions with comments such as: "these people are standing in my way".

The Don Juan is also driven to gain money and luxurious possessions.

Other symptoms include:
- rapid speech, rapid eating
- extremely warm blooded; generally worse from heat
- coryza, copious watery discharge
- alopecia areata (falling of hair)
- painful varicose veins
- hot feet at night which must be uncovered

We can speculate to what effect the fluoridation of our water supplies will have on our health. When we look closer on this remedy picture, the thought is alarming - especially because it works deeply and affects the metabolism, the bones and the connective tissue.

Will we see more of the materialistic and domineering Don Juan's in the future? Those who are constantly preoccupied with the fulfillment of their sexual cravings?

I hope not.