A 16 year old boy had in the previous one and a half week fainted two times.

The circumstances around the fainting episodes were peculiar. Both times it happened as he was standing, stretching his arms above the head – and because of the fainting, he fell backward. Luckily he was not hurt from the falls. In addition to these episodes of fainting, his face was very pale. I asked him about his relationship with milk, as people not tolerating milk are prone to be pale. He loved milk, drank a lot of it every day. This is something which we often see at the clinic, people not tolerating milk either love it, or don’t drink it at all. Other symptoms included backache, headache and weak ankles.

The remedy which fitted his symptoms was Lac Defloratum, a homeopathic remedy made of cow’s milk. This is a remedy typically indicated in people intolerant to milk, although it was the patient’s peculiar way of fainting that led me to prescribe it.

He got a single dose of the remedy. The next day he experienced a bad headache, an aggravation of his symptoms which I had already prepared him for, knowing that he was sensitive to homeopathic remedies. The next days and weeks he was fine. He did not have any more faintings and his face regained its normal color. After 3 months I saw him again and he told me that he had no more headaches, and that he otherwise felt good.

Comment: This is a case treated on symptoms of lactose intolerance only, not from a medical diagnosis. When I realized which remedy this young man needed, it was at the same time a confirmation that his gastrointestinal system didn’t digest milk sufficiently. I asked him to reduce his milk consumption one week after starting the homeopathic treatment.

Lactose intolerance is an inability to break down lactose (the sugar found in milk) due to a lack of lactase enzymes in the body. Most humans do not produce these enzymes (with an exception in some northern countries), and are by nature lactose intolerant.